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Monday, May 9, 2011

My Observations on Adhay Adhooray Khwab

Diya Manaal

Reading Adhe Adhoore Khawab for the third time I couldn’t resist jotting my observations. Lyrically written this piece of art and literature touches on multiple facets of life and shows the connection between school and society. The idealized characters of Professor Rai and his enthusiastic students provide blue print for those who are involved in educational endeavors and the epic character of Imtisal presents the promise of the youth that they will not let the dream of social justice, social change and people’s empowerment defer or die.  Imtisal's character is not painted with gaudy strokes to cut her out as a glamorous character   On the contrary she appears before us as an unassuming  but determined girl whose character impresses the readers and acts as a role model for them.

The melodically representations of the lives that individuals like Prof. Rai, Tasawor, Beinish, Afsheen, Shumail and Imtisal live in AAK pick on different delicate issues like loneliness and solitude, identity and social roles, benefit and utility, love and relationships, development and freedoms, which make our daily lives complex and sophisticated yet excited and worth living. These very attributes of the book make it an enjoyable read. The author of AAK plays with the words and expressions just like a skillful magician, who holds the audience attentive and excited throughout the show.
I really enjoyed reading it. Allah kare zor-e-qalam or zeyada!


  1. Hi Diya:
    A very true depiction and apt simile of magician, 'who holds the audience attentive and excited throughout the show,' for the author of Adhy Adhory Khawab. It is such a forceful writing that stimulates expression after ending reading.