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Friday, May 6, 2011

Impressions on Adhe Adhoore Khawab

Mohammad Nawaz Khan
The Aga Khan University, IED
Adhe adhore khwab is an extra ordinary novel written by Dr. Shahid Siddiqui, a renowned educationist and writer of Pakistan. This Urdu novel is a story of professional leadership artistically linked with the contemporary social issues. Ideas in the novel are so interconnected that one cannot leave it till s/he reads it to the last page. The expressions in the novel touch the hearts of readers and make them smile and cry. While reading this novel, one can easily feel the subtleties of the bigger issues in the society which the author has beautifully painted through the power of words and creativity.

A marvelous, inspiring and creative piece of work produced by the renowned teacher and author.
 I have not read many Urdu novels but I am certain that this novel has no comparative in highlighting educational issues, particularly, the teaching and learning processes in our educational institutions. The in-depth message of the novel reveals that teachers are the important elements in the society who have the potential to transform the society. The novel inspires the readers to struggle for the cause of educational development to impact the political situation which is not favorable. Different roles/characters in the novel significantly bring meanings to the novel that clearly depicts the creativity of the author. For example, the main character of the story, Professor Saharan Roy, is a caring and humane teacher who knows the worth of his students. He helps and guides his students more than their expectations. The helping out of the professor is vivid from his teaching in the classroom.  He wants to give students an identity and make conscious efforts to prepare them for future life.  Unfortunately, in our mainstream schooling we miss out on the dynamic educational philosophy of Professor Roy.  A marvelous, inspiring and creative piece of work produced by the renowned teacher and author.
I must recommend this book to all those who are engaged in transforming education, to read it, as we need to understand the true meaning and multi-disciplinary approach to education which is the need of the time and the future of the contemporary generation.


  1. Mr Nawaz:
    is kitab ka ap tak pohanchna aur apka us ko sarahana itself is appreciable.

  2. Thanks dear Sofia for beautiful word, i must appreciate and thank the personality who artistically collected, organized and expressed his ideas in shape of a book, so access becomes easy.

  3. You are welcome!

    This is a stimulating book that has forced maximum people to jot down their expressions.