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Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Norman Fairclough's Reflections on my book "Language, Gender, and Power"

Renowned Linguist and a pioneer in the field of Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA) reviews my book, "Language, Gender, and Power: The Politics of Representation and Hegemony in South Asia."  The book was published by Oxford University Press and is available on all major bookstores. 
"Shahid Siddiqui's book gives a lucid account of interrelationships between language, gender and power with a focus on South Asia. The book is of particular value because treatments of language and gender in this region have hitherto tended to lack a critical focus on questions of power."
 - Norman Fairclough Emeritus Professor, Lancaster University, U.K.


  1. Sir I want to purchase your book "Adhay Adhuray khawab". But this is available at any book store in Lahore. How can I get it?
    Muhammad Faisal