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Thursday, July 9, 2009

A beautiful view of Gilgit river in front of Hotel Riveria in Gilgit.  I lived in Reiveria for two nights during my visit in 2009.  A comfortable, peaceful, and homely abode, located beside the majestic river, Riveria became my favourite place .  The lush green lawns are well kept and offer heavenly look.  I would get up early in the morning and would sit in the lawn hearing the chirping birds and watching the colourful butterflies dancing to the movement of flowers.


  1. Sir really its a beautiful place, Sir, this is not a Hunza River, this river comes from Ghizer, its called Gilgit Main river,

  2. dr sab you have done tremondus job for education. but you have exagerated to much about Hunza bucause you have seen only Hunza. being an educationist you should open your the picture of river you have posted here is not Hunza river. this is a blunder you have committed. this is Gilgit river. kindly be impartial in future. thanks