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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Adhe Adhoore Khawab: Sofia Hussain's Reflections

Sofia Hussain
International Islamic University Islamabad.
Dr. Shahid Siddiqui’s novel Adhey Adhoore Khawab is a deftly documented tale of unrelenting determination to stand firm in the face of all trouble and shape the circumstances according to one’s conviction for the betterment of society. Siddiqui has intricately woven politics, education, and human relationships in a novel about optimism in a visibly depressing epoch. It’s a spell binding read that enables you to revitalize your strength in the midst of darkness to go ahead and play your part in bringing about change in the society.
The novel is engrossing, soothing, agonizing and amazingly inspirational.

There are multiple narrators in the novel like, Prof. Roy, Imtisal Agha and Tassawar unfolding several shades of protagonist’s inimitable persona through a recollection of olden days. Prof. Saharan Roy is a unique character, an emblem of compassion, selflessness and determination, who has the ability to transmute lead into gold. He is a man of grand ideals who believes in inculcating the spirit of critical consciousness into his students to facilitate them to think critically in order to become the agents of change in a society almost at the threshold of devastation. He practices what he preaches and lays his life for the sake of his ideals – the will to better the society for future generations.

Siddiqui’s prose is truly distinctive for its lyricism, its luminosity, its clairvoyance to delineate the most delicate emotions in an astonishingly elegant yet simple manner. It is engrossing, soothing, agonizing and amazingly inspirational. The delight and different shades of meaning in Imtisal Agha’s last words when she is assailed by the memories of her mentor, Prof.Roy, is particularly noteworthy. She says..

Meine khirki se bahir dekha
Aasman se burf nurm, bey awaz gallon ki soorat zameen mein jazb ho rahee thi
Muhabbat ke subuk jazbey ki tarah jo khwahishon, khwabon aur nazriyon ke jalo mein
Humarey rug-o-pe mein utar jata hai
Aur jub tuk humein us ki maujoodgi ka ehsas hota hai
Who humarey jism-o-jan mein duur tuk phel jata hai
Phir bahir ki ruton ka kaisa hi ulat pher ho
Undar ka mausam ummar ho jata hai………….

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  1. Aur jub tuk humein us ki maujoodgi ka ehsas hota hai
    Who humarey jism-o-jan mein duur tuk phel jata hai...

    Sofia you have very aptly reflected that Dr Siddiqui's style of writing is unique for its lyricism and clairvoyance. the lines quoted are one of my favorites.