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Thursday, June 30, 2011

My reflections on 'Adhe Adhoore Khawab'

Fida Bibi
 Head Teacher, 
Government Primary School, 
Gilgit Baltistan
Dr. Shahid Siddiqui is an educationist and author of, Rethinking English in Pakistan.  Adhe Adhoore Khawab is his Urdu novel which I found unique because of its themes, treatment, and simple style. The novel deals mainly with educational and social change which reflects the writers own desire of bringing about change in people’s mind sets. I can say this as this desire is so evident in his articles, he writes in the national English newspapers.   

I found the novel unique because of its themes, treatment, and simple style.
 In the novel he skillfully tried to discuss a number of social issues.  Some of these issues include equality and equity, justice, education, critical pedagogy, student- teacher relationship, etc.  I found it a unique book and a great achievement in the field of education. This book is written in the way that there are many connections between nature and education. The novel talks about the social class differences that have crept into our education system which is further widening the gaps.  The school where Imtisal opts to teach is a good example of schools where students have desire to learn but are constrained by poverty.
       The novel mentions some interesting books including the Wuthering Heights.  This book is highlighted in the novel with reference to Heathcliff who was a sign of love, revenge and rebellion. I was so inspired that I actually read Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte. I have made a list of other books mentioned in the novel which I plan to read.  At places I found this novel autobiographical just like George Eliot’s Mills on the Floss.  In the end I must say that this book is significant addition in Urdu literature dealing with the theme of education. May Allah Bless Dr Shahid to write more novels and books (Aameen)                        

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  1. Respectable Ma'am:
    You are very right in saying the novel has autobiographical elements like 'Mill on the Floss', I have felt so and inquired Dr Shahid several times but he never revealed the truth.

    Moreover, it is not you only who has made a book list, almost every reader has gone through the same process.