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Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Poem by Ayesha Mushtaq

Ayesha Mushtaq is currently living in Canada where she teaches in a university.  She is an enthusiastic teacher and a creative artist.  Her poetry demonstrates modern sensibility. Here is a poem by Ayesha with symbolic literary references and some powerful sonorous and pictorial images.  The poem focuses on the inner conflict and reminds us of Prufrock of TS Eliot. To fully appreciate this poem one needs to have a basic awareness of some major literary works in English as the poem makes use of literary allusions.

Hebe… and qualms—a goodbye for good!

Qualms of conscience! Halt! Rest awhile!
And let me drench in thoughts-anagrammed evil! vile ! whatever.
I am not a sinner, And I have not sinned
So stop pinching me tonight and rest awhile!
Oh Conscience!
You hiss like a snake,
And pinch like a thorn
By you I am falsely accused!!
You sentence Tess to be evil
And Iago saintly born!!
You anger me my anima
SO GO!!!
Take a walk out tonight!
And next time round,
You’d better have your homework done right.

Vole,Olve,Veol or Leov
It stinks no matter what you call it,
A cabbage skunk stays a cabbage skunk
Huh? You dare smirk conscience?
Ah! Don’t be absurd! I am not punch drunk.
Tonight I am saner than I ever was,
Sobriety embraces me like a fraternity
And I find joy in my weakest fragility
Love is insane indeed,
Expectations are illusive
But my life is mine tonight
And I’m divinely ecstatic!!
Let me go and meet him tonight
He is coming to make his visit,
He has braved the passage of
Those rich and beautiful women,
Who come and go,
Talking of Micheal Angelou

So qualms!
Go out tonight,
And let him come and make his visit
Go tame Minerva instead!
She needs a firmer hand!!
And let my Prufrock be daunting and upright tonight.
Oh! A minute conscience before you go,
I have a confession to make
You have been my dearest friend
And for leaving me tonight
I promise I will make amends!
His feelings are a seasonal affair , you know,
Of love and illusions filled,
He has incapacitated himself,I know,
But damnit
He has ruined me too, you know?
Poor chap!look here he comes
So mundane and simple like
Hush now qualms! Go and leave us alone.
I have prepared my little speech
To feed to his little mind.

You hug me conscience?
When I abhor you so?
Go conscience and here catch morality too,
Take my politeness and good nature too
 Here, broken promises and truth denied
Take them away from me tonight.
Go! Leave! I beseech you
Take your ethics and Sunday prayers too
And goodwill and humanity?
Throw those in the bin as you go!!

I have business here tonight,
In the chambers of my mind
Yes bookish and arrogant mind,
No, he won’t want coffee spoons tonight, no worry
I have enough hemlock,
For us both
To laugh, drink and be merry.


  1. Thank you Sir Shahid :) ...You have always been so encouraging and supportive towards my little creative endeavours. Thank you indeed :)

    P.S: Just a little recheck...I am currently teaching in Canada :)

  2. Ayesha superb
    True realistic factual
    Excellent imagery beautiful dear
    thats who we are most of the fighting our conscience but the picture you have drawn is artistically remarkable

    love is blind sees no restriction whether religious, social, cultural, personal, logical whatever no limitations love is free of all!!!!