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Monday, January 24, 2011

My Impression on Adhe Adhoore Khawab

Dr Rakhshinda Parveen
I have read it once but thought of it many a time and finally today I am jotting doing my impressions about, Aadhay Adhoray Khawaab, the debut novel by a Pakistani, male and educationist. Let me be direct, I thought of the story and stories within the main story of the novel several times and tried to match Prof. Roy with live versions of Pakistani men, who remain disguised in different shades of masculinity. Is this man from Venus instead of Mars? I thought even this. Not to become too off track let me remain adhered to the themes only.

I have the honour of knowing Dr.Siddiqui, at least a bit. I had the honour of introducing this inspiring piece of work in one of the episodes of we can end violence
An engaged reader like myself felt like dancing slowly on a dancing floor on a tantalizing number...

against women aired in MARCH 2009 on Indus TV. How deep is his observation about living realities, dichotomies and paradoxes in Pakistani politics, intellect and civil society? However, while doing the exposia he did not at one point became agitated or aggressive but continued revealing different layers of human behaviours through the trio of Tassawar, Imtisal and Roy with a mastery.

An engaged reader like myself felt like dancing slowly on a dancing floor on a tantalizing number while he remained busy in the incisive procedures of unveiling our society. I would have kept on dancing to this awe-inspiring music created by him until I heard Roy dying and Imtisal leaving for her village to dedicate her life to the disadvantaged.

They could have met and lived happily. But an academician with a reality lens saw them living together"departed". Dr.Siddiqui-LE BEAU MONSIEUR SANS MERCI. But thank you for these dreams that may be incomplete they are so relevant. And dreaming is indeed a courageous and romantic act.

Book: Aadhay Adhooray Khwab
Author: Dr Shahid Siddiqui
Published by Jahangir Books, Lahore
Price: 250

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  1. Dear Rakhshanda!!!
    Such are the genuine feelings of readers; however, the writers being the REALISTS and for the sake of impact end in such a tragic and melancholic way that we the sensitive ones find it indigestible and suffer from long hangover...
    Rakhshanda dear I admire your different style of writing impression, I have read almost all the reviews and impressions written on Adhe Adhore Khawab and all are different in their own styles, there is very less repetition or similarity among them. This is such a piece of writing that instigates everyone to jot down something.