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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Mujhe Muhabbat se Dar Lagta He

Mujhe Muhabbat Se Dar Lagta He
Rakshinda Parveen
Impressions of Dr Shahid Siddiqui

Just finished reading  this book of prose poems by Dr Rakshinda Parveen.  Rakhshinda as an artist has successfully managed to capture some elusive aspects of life which can only be felt and cannot be described.  Her poems move beyond her personal grief and become powerful commentary on the oppressive forces of society that are making the life of marginalized groups miserable.  One can see a feminine voice thorough out the poem that, at times, is scared.  This fear owes to the sudden awareness of some stark realities of life.  But the same feminine voice becomes bold and daring and, making use of experiential wisdom, challenges the forces of oppressions.  A book I liked so much for its simplicity, sensitivity, and contemporary sensibility.  Congrats Rakhshinda. Thanks for sharing with me your book.  We expect more from you.

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